First Graduating 1919 Class of Anna Jonesboro Community High School

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1919 First Graduating Class of Anna Jonesboro Community High School

Class of 1919 was the First Graduating Anna Jonesboro Community High School. The faculty of Anna Jonesboro Community High School in 1918 numbered 11 men and women, some of whom had been teaching in Anna and Jonesboro High Schools. Principal, Harry M. Thrasher; Miss Clara Bartow, Edith J. Anderson, Ella, Jane Pickles Sanders, Nora Harris, Genevieve Stillwell, G.R. McGee, S.M. Orr, [the janitor], Carl J. Hopp, Ray J. Friant, Clara Drusch. There were 19 Members in the first graduating class in 1919: Mildred Alden Lies, Robert Brady, Pearl Chamberlain, Leroy Cover, Tullie Davis, Forrest Dillow, Virginia Fulenwider Baker, Estelle Mangold McKibbon, Baxter Harter, Teressa Horner, Zelma Karraker, Helen Lentz, Naomi Reese Treece, Lurena Perrine Allen, George E. Parks, Carl Robinson, Gladys Turner, Anna B. Wittman Bush, Pearl Zwahlen.

Information furnished by Donna Sitter and Classmates and Friends.
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