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1946 A-J Football Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

Immediately after the first game of the season the 1946 edition of the wildcats took aim at the highest goal any football team can achieve; an undefeated, untied, unscored upon season. They didn't reach their goal, nor did they win the conference championship and in a way this serves as a great tribute to a fine team; for despite the fact that they failed to reach their goal, few will deny that they were one scoreless, while A-J's goal line was crossed only in its lone defeat. The traveling squad was composed of 21 senior, two of which, Carl Verble and Don Boyd, gained All-State honors, Verble making the third team, while Boyd received honorable mention. Starting Lineup; Left end Kimbro or Wilson, Left Tackle Peters, Left Guard D. Rendleman, Center, Verble, Right Guard, Lewis, Right Tackle, Peeler, Right End, Womick, Quarterback T. Moore, Left Half, Craft, Fullback, Boyd, Right Half, C. Kimbro or Loomis.
Scoring for Season;
Boyd 17 TD 1 T PAT 103 Total, Craft 6 TD 2 PAT 38 Total,
Moore 5 TD 2 PAT 32 Total, B. Kimbro 3 TD 2 PAT 20 Total,
Verble 3 TD 0 PAT 18 Total, Womick 2 TD 6 PAT 18 Total,
J. Peters 0 TD 6 PAT 6 Total, Loomis 1 TD 0 PAT 6 Total,
Wilson 1 TD 0 PAT 6 Total, Brown 1 TD 0 PAT 6 Total,
Cunningham 1 TD 0 PAT 6 Total
Total 40TD 19 PAT 259 Total

47 Basketball

1946-47 A-J Basketball Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

Bottom Row: 37 Carl Verble 38 David Rendleman, 39 Bob Womick, 35 Capt. Tom Peeler, 41 Don Coffman, 36 Tom Wilson, 30 Bill Craft
Middle Row: Forrest Young, Glen Hankla, Ivan Johnson, Jerry Houghton, Myrle Coffman, Lamire Moore, Bill Lacy, Paul Moore.
Top Row: Manger Freddy Sansom, Bob Kimbro, Max Hickerson, Don Boyer, Robert Choate, S. D. Joiner, Manager Everett Rinehart, Bill Grammer (not pictured).
Coaches: Assistant Coach Hill, Assistant Coach Townes, Head Coach Houghton
Ending the season with a record of 25 wins against 8 losses the A-J squad completed the 1946-47 season with an enviable record for any team.

49 Football

1949 A-J Football Squad submitted by Louise Dillow and Dale Pitts

1949 Football Squad Bottom Row Left to Right:
Glendon Casper, Charles Ferrell, Dick Haire, Donald Verble, Richard Youngs, Eugene Baker, Bob Shepard, Gordon Dodd
Second Row Left to Right:
Jim Brimm, Glen Hankla, Stanlet Elam, Carl Barker, Robert Hileman, John Scheffler, Lynn West, Herschel Grisham
Third Row Left to Right:
Richard Page, Harold Hileman, Paul Boyer, Don Loomis, Bob Barker, Charles Hileman, Jim Rife, Jim Wahl, Don Foley, Paul Moore,
Top Back Row Left to Right:
Dean Williams, Charles McIntire, Manager's: Sam Hill, Head Football Coach, Roger Spear and Bill Townes, Assistant Football Coaches.
The wildcats played better football than is indicated by their record of 4 wins and 5 losses. A-J's victory over Chester was the Cats first conference victory in three years. The apex of the season was A-J's muzzling of Carbondale's Terriers at Carbondale. The Wildcats line stopped the Terrier's hard running backs; A-J's own backfield combination was at its best. Three of the Cats gridiron stalwarts made first All-Conference team and two others received honorable mention. The All-Conference men were: back, "Ping" Moore; tackle, Richard Youngs; guard Stanley Elam. Those who received honorable mention were tackle, Charles Ferrell and center, Glendon Casper. Richard Youngs was appointed captain for next year's Wildcat squad.
Season's Scores
A-J 16 Eldorado, A-J 20 Chester 6, A-J 12 Carbondale 0, A-J 7 Pinckneyville 6 A-J 0 DuQuoin 19, A-J 27 Metropolis 0 A-J 13 Sparta 26, A-J 6 Murphysboro 12 A-J 13 Johnston City 18

49 Baseball

1949 A-J Baseball Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

Bottow row Left to Right:
Freddie Berman, Neil Gurley, Johnny Ligon, Harold Hileman, Charles Ferrell, Donald Elkins, Charles Gillow, Frank Rodman, Robert Issace, Glen Hudgens, Bob Robinson
Second row Left to Right:
Norman Snell, Jim Brimm, Bob Pitts, Gerald Dillow, Robert Hileman, Harold Colley, Herschel Grisham, Bill Treece, John Conant, Bill Corbet, Harold Boyd
Top row Left to Right::
Charles Verble, Harry Rodman, Bill Romine, Jerry Johnson, Mike Crowell, Bauce Graves, Harry Corzine, Bill Henderson, Ed Myer
Baseball was introduced at A-J as a varsity sport in 1949. The 49 team record was not very good.
The team was made up of boys who never played in a baseball game except perhaps in their back yard. Most of the players return for the 1950 season.

50 Basketball

1950 A-J Basketball Squad submitted by Louise Dillow and Dale Pitts

Bottow Left to Right: Bob Barker, Don Verble, Bob Kembro, Dale Pitts, Bill Lacy, Frank Rodman, Charles Hileman, Paul Moore
Second row:Gerald Dillow, Bob Pitts, Don Chase, Olie Musgrave, Davie Aldride, Richard Henderson, Bill Treece, Danny, Morris, Jack Pitts, Carrol Gulley
Top row: Dean Williams, manger, Mike Crowell, Jim Davis, Lowie Kelley, Bob Robinson, Dick Smith, Coach, Bill Townes

55 Basketball

1955 Basketball Team submitted by Harlan Coffman

Front Row: 1 Bill Lewis, 2 Bill Pitts, 3 Charles Haire, 4 Darrell Sauerbunn, 5 Harlan Coffman, 6 Ronald Bittle, 7 Kenneth Jobe, 8 Gary Meyer
2nd Row: Row: 1 John Chamness 2 Coach Lewis, 3 Bob Mueller, 4_______,

56jv Football

1956 A-J JV Football Team submitted by Jerry Hines

Setting: Tony Ferrell, John Reppard, Joe Lemaster, Dale Denny, Gene Stanton, Earl Barker, Jim Sheppard,
Middle row: Ron Fullenwider, Richard Diefenback, Bronal Jerrell, Claude Williams, Mike Keller, _______. Hamp Betts, David Diefenback
Back row: Manger, _______, Paul Coffman, Claude Dillow, Collen Boyd, ______, ________, ________, Jack Womick, Assint Coach McClane, Coach Halter

57 Baseball

1957 A-J Baseball Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

57 Baseball Team

1956 AJCHS Football JV Team submitted by Jim Lemons

57 Basketball Squad

1955 Basket Team submitted by


Football 1956 J V Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

Teacher: Kathryn Loomis,


1957 J V football Squad submitted by Jerry Hines

Phillip Glasford.


1957 Baseball Squad submitted by Jim Lemons

Charles Rich.


1957 Baseball Team submitted by Jim Lemons

Standing back row:
1 Charles Carnart, 2 Dick Bigler, 3 Ron Garner, 4 Tony Ferrell, 5 Bill Lewis, 6 Bronel Jerrell, 7 Jerry Thorne, 8 Bill Pitts, 9 Jim Sheppard, 10 John Strochlein
Coach "Doc" Abernathy
Front row:
1 Joe Lemaster, 2 Richard Diefenback, 3 Bob Henderson, 4 Don Hammond,5 Tony Treece, 6 Richard Bittle, 6 Gene Wiggs, 7 Manger Jim Lemons
Batboy Scott Aberathy


1957 AJCHS Basket Squad submitted by Jerry Hines


1957 AJCHS Basketball Team submitted by Jerry Hines


1958 AJCHS Football Squard submitted by Jerry Hines


1958 AJCHS Basketball Squard submitted by Jerry Hines


1958 AJCHS Basketball J V Squard submitted by Jerry Hines


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