1926 Class of Anna Jonesboro Community High School


Top Row: 1 Corzine,Vesta HAMILTON, 2 Ward, Russell, 3 Boyd, Mary 'Helen" GODDARD, 4 Wilkins, Carl 5 Zuiahlen, Minnie E, 6 Clutts, Truman, 7 Clark, Jane Brown, 8 ____, Cress, 9 Donell Treece

Row 2:1 Bown, Grace Davie, 2 Wiggins, Clavin, 3 Halterman, Aradella GRIFFITH, 4 Bartruff, Olva B, 5 Lakey, Gertrude, 6 Benner, Forrest A., 7 Walker, Sarah, 8 Davault, Lovis, 9 Jones, Leja LENCE

Row 3: 1 Henley, Louise BOYD, 2 Brown, Robert W, 3 Mayr, Louise WALTERS 4 Thompson, S Earl, 5 Sauerbrunn, Berenice, 6 Heilig, Joe, 7 Rippeto, Kathryn, 8 Glasscock, Louise E, 9 Brading, Beverly BOWE

Row 4:1 Walker, Ruth HAYES , 2 Norris, Robert Eugene, 3 Weaver, Helen LINGLE 4 Hunsaker, Franklin, 5 Sinks, Bob, 6 Allen, Geneva HOBERT, 7 Ligon, Jean , 8 Kerr, Marie CUMMINGS

Row 5:1 Norris, Robert Eugene, 2 Weaver, Helen LINGLE, 3 Hunsaker, Franklin, 4 Sinks, Bob, 5 Allen, Geneva HOBERT, 6 Ligon, Jean, 7 Kerr, Marie CUMMINGS, 8 Schmaker, Monica

Row 5: 1 Coffman, John, 2 Dillman, Marie, 3 Otrich, Clyde, 4 Williams, Lowell E., 5 Sitter, Maude ESCUE, 6 Carter, Everett "Buck", 7 Dillow, Owna, 8 CARMEAN, Mary E. SIVIA

Row 6: 1 CARMEAN, Mary E. SIVIA , 2 Hindman, Olva, 3 Roberts, Ruth, 4 Hindman, Glenn, 5 Baldwin, Freddie , 6 Vick, Geneda L, 7 Rippeto, Isbelle, 8 Dillow, Robert, 9 Petters, Annie

Row 7: 1 Cain, Edith, 2 Hase, Harold Clarene , 3 Sauerbrunn, Dora Mae, 4 Carter, Farris, 5 Camden, Rereva Canler, 6 Choate, Dr. Rovelle, 7 Allen, Geneva, 8 Garner, Ray, 9 Newton, Alice MALANDRONE

Row 8 Bottom: Gartline, Velma , 2 Davis, Blanene, 3 __, Dora, 4 Lamer, Estella DAVIS, 5 Baggott, Walter, 6 Goodman, Ruby COLEMAN

From The Gazette-Democrat and the Anna Talk, June 21, 1951
A-J Class of 1926 Held Reunion Friday June 15 1951
First Class To Graduate From Present Building
The class of 1926, A. J. C. H. S. held its twenty-fifth anniversary reunion June 16 and 17, the first such meeting of the class since high school days. The program open at one p.m. Saturday afternoon, with registration at the C. H. S. Bar-San Hall (named for two of the Class instructors, Mrs. Sanders and Miss Bartow). The Class of 1926 was the first class to Graduate from the building. Returning members, after being recognized and registered, were given identification badges bearing the Class colors, delft blue and silver; two hours of fun, visiting old school scenes and renewing acquaintances followed. At 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Class took up at Glenn Hindman's Anna Café, being called to order by Class President Lowell E. Williams, who gave a very fitting invocation following the call to order. Following dinner the dinner the roll was called by Class Secretary Estella Lamer Davis, and 36 members of a Class of 67 reported "here;" those accompanied by husbands or wives were required to introduce the in-law these, with four former faculty members bought the total to an even 70. The tables were decorated in silver candle-holders, with blue candles, and bowls of blue cornflowers, the Class flower. Dr. S. Earl Thompson, now of the University of Illinois, acted as master of ceremonies for a full evening of pleasure to the entire class. Introductions were made of former faculty members, Russell D. Rendleman, who again gave the Class the correct measurements of the S. S. Leviathan (one of his more famous class-room lectures), Mrs. Rendleman, Mrs. Sanders, who lead endeavored to lead us in the paths of correct English, and Miss Emma Brickey, who cleared up the point as to whether Hannibal crossed the Alps on camel or an elephant. Also introduced were Paul J. Houghton and Mrs. Houghton, representing the present administration of the A. J. C. H. S. Glenn (Shorty) Hindman, former cheer leader, mounted the speaker's table and led the Class in splitting rendition of "Yea Blue, Yea White;" and claimed not to remember " em the Axe," Mary E. Carmean Sivia played the piano for Class and School songs, which were lead by Dr. Thompson. Buck Carter, former star in football, basketball and track, breezed away with the Blessed Event Derby, with his entries for number and youngest (4) and youngest (5 mo) out classing all others. Several challenged for the number event, was even close to the youngest. Maude Sitter Escue had the oldest youngster, 24, and Alice Newton Malandrone was the first grandparent, although Ruth Walker Hayes and possibly others appeared to be coming up fast in this race. Three members and their families reported in from Flint, Mich. and took the recognition for having traveled farthest to be in attendance. Class was dismissed about 11 p.m., to re-convene at 4: 00 p.m. Sunday afternoon when the members and their families met at the High School grounds to leave for a family picnic at Giant City Park; About 60 attended the picnic, which included all available children and other members of the families. The Class voted to hold its next re-union five years hence, and standing committees were left standing for the occasion. All in all, it was a pleasurable event to all concerned, and one long to be remembered. Members attending are as follows: Geneva Allen Hobert, Oshkosh, Wis. Lowell E. Williams, Anna; Dr. Rovelle Choate, Lexington Ky.; Estella Lamer Davis, Anna; Aradella Halterman Griffith, Cobden, Maude Sitter Escue, Flint, Mich,; Beverly Brading Bowe, Elgin, Ill.; Louise Mayr Walters, Affton, Mo.; Helen Body Goddard, Jonesboro, Ill.; Joe Heilig, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Ruth Walker Hayes, Newman, Ill.; Vesta Corzine Hamilton, Chicago, Ill. Mary E. Carmean Sivia, Anna, Ill.; Jane Clark Brown, Anna; Robert W. Brown, Anna; Alice Newton Malandrone, Chicago, Ill.; Walter Baggott, Morton, Ill.; Ruby Goodman Coleman, Anna; Helen Weaver Lingle, Jonesboro; Marie Kerr Cummings, Buncombe, Ill.; Monica Schmaker, Anna; Clyde Otrich, Springfield, Ill.; Robert Dillow, Flint, Mich.; Truman Clutts, Flint, Mich.; Louise Henley Boyd, Anna; S. Earl Thompson, Champaign, lll.; Ray Garner, Anna; Glenn Hindman, Anna; Buck Carter, Anna; Olva G. Hindman, Anna; Russell Ward, Anna; Carl Wilkins, Ullin, Ill; Donell Treece, Anna; Leja Jones Lence, Webster Groves, Mo. Forrest A. Benner, Sedalia, Mo. Faculty Members: Russell D. Rendleman and Mrs. Rendleman, Mrs. Ella P. Sanders and Miss Emma Brickey

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