1963 Class of Anna Jonesboro Community High School

Classmates Classmates Classmates Classmates Classmates
Allen, Linda Armold, Darlene Barker, Karen Bass, Charles Bass, Linda
Bishop, Mike Blackward, Jerry Blaney, Ralph Bowers, Kenneth Boyd, Richard
Bridges, Barbara Brimm, Jack Brimm, Marilyn Lou Brimm, Sammy Brimm, Sue
Brooks, Sherry Brown, Beverly Brown, Daryl Brown, Ronald Brown, Sharon
Cantrell, Joan Cantrell, Linda Carter, Max Carter, Ronnie Casper, Thomas
Cates, Linda Cates, Virginia Choate, Patti Cole, Raymond Coles, Mike
Corzine, Lonnie Craft, Margaret Craft, Thomas Crawford, Barbara Crawford, Bobby Dean
Crews, Freddie Crowell, Carolyn Cunningham, John Daisy, Sarah Dale, Larry
Davis, Martha Deml, John Denny, Donald Diefenbach, Philip Dillow, Vera
Duncan, Lorene Dunn, Lonnie Duschl, Robert Duskey, Michael Earnhart, Larry Joe
Edwards, John Egner, Donna Elkins, Carolyn Elkins, Marilyn Ferguson, Janet
Ferrell, Pete Fitzgerald, Janet Fox, David Frick, Charlotte Fuller, Donald
Gee, Carolyn Gibbs, Delores Gillespie, Ray Gilliam, Richard Gilmore, Pamela
Goodman, Harley Goodman, Norma Guinn, Thomas Haley, Robert D "Bob" Hall, David
Hall, Larry Harris, Carolyn Hartline, Floyd Hartline, Frank Jr. Hartline, Janice
Hazelwood, Donald Helton, Joyce Heisner, Judy Henson, Carroll Hileman, Michael
Horecker, Sheryl Houseman, Freddie Houseman, Phyllis Inman, Jane Isaacs, Larry
Isom, Louise Jennings, Ron Johns, Marion Louise Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Dale
Johnston, Sandy Johnston, Sharlet Jones, Clifford Karraker, Mary Karraker, Victor
Keltner, Robert Koehn, Byron Lacy, Kenny Landis, Wayne Lasley, John
Lence, Richard Lunsford, J. W. Manus, Linda Mathis, Ida Sue Mays, Allen
McBride, Karen Miles, Sharon Miller, Diana Miller, Judy Miller, Mary Carolyn
Moore, Jean Murphy, Jack Newman, John Nimmo, Gary Nix, Ernest
Otrich, Janet Page, Paul Parker, Carolyn Parks, David Parr, Lukie
Pender, Jane Pickel, Larry Pitts, Richard Ragsdale, Phyllis A Ramsey, Jerry
Rhymer, Barbara Richardson, Barbara Richardson, Mary Rosson, Bobby Russell, Cheryl
Sadler, Charles Sadler, Joan Sandlin, Terry Schlenker, Johnnie Schroeder, Emily
Schumacher, John Shelton, Kay Shepard, Kathryn Shipley, Barbara Sims, Harvey
Slone, Garvin Smith, Carol Smith, Louie Smith, Marjorie Smith, Stephen
Smith, Walter Sneddon, Joyce Spence, Victoria Spurlock, Fred Sturgeon, Douglas
Swink, Mary Jane Taylor, Mike Tellor, Ruth Ann Treece, Deloris Tripp, Linda
Tucker, Victor Turner, Connie Turner, Donna Kae Turner, John Vauglhn, Judy
Vines, James Ward, Donna West, Jimmy Whiting, Janet Wiggs, Shirley
Williams, Ernestine Wilson, Connie Winn, Roberta Young, Jimmy Young, Nancy Sue
Youngblood, Mike        

Class pictures and information furnished by Classmates and Friends.
Class list reflects all the students that can be accounted for in the class.
If any one's name is left out please let us know and it will be added

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